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The School of Public Administration of Sichuan University (SPA-SCU in short) was founded in July, 2001. The SPA-SCU is a new type of school which can promote the combination of humanities and applied social science, the integration of social science and natural science, the improvement of the discipline construction and the realization of interdisciplinary studies on the foundation of the second successful merging of SCU.

Since its foundation, the SPA-SCU insists on the orientation of social service, the basis of social needs and the aim of social development. And it always keeps its historic responsibility to cultivate applied inter-disciplinary talents of high level and offer its high-quality education, training and consultation for the society in the field of public administration.

Upholding the people-oriented purpose, the SPA-SCU sets up its management system for teachers which can contribute to disciplinary development, talent cultivation and scientific research innovations. Presently, the SPA-SCU consists of 86 faculties and staffs, including one Distinguished Professor of SCU, 16 experts who enjoy the State Council Special Allowance, 4 Teaching Steering Committee members of the Ministry of Education, one Outstanding Creative Talent of Sichuan province, 10 academic leaders of Sichuan province, 5 specialists who are titled as provincial experts with outstanding contributions of Sichuan province, one teaching master of Sichuan province, 17 back-up candidates for academic leaders of Sichuan province, 4 young academic talents of SCU, 2 teaching masters of SCU. The school now has 30 professors (researchers) and 38 associate professors (associate researchers). Currently, 60 teachers, which account for 69.8% of the whole faculties, have a Ph.D. or study for a Ph.D. The construction of the faculty has developed with certain achievements.

The SPA-SCU now has 9 undergraduate programs, 17 postgraduate programs, 2 first level discipline doctoral programs and 6 professional degree programs. The school has 8 disciplines which are Philosophy, Public Administration, Library Information Studies and Archives Management, Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Sociology, Politics and Psychology, including 4 basic disciplines and 4 applied disciplines, and they are under the four disciplinary categories of Philosophy, Management, Law and Education. There are 3020 full-time students, including 1720 undergraduate students, 984 postgraduate students (299 students of professional master degree) and 17 doctoral students.

The SPA-SCU aims to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents who have solid foundations, wide horizons, great abilities and high qualities. On the one hand, the school constantly deepens the reform, renews the education concept, optimizes curriculum structures, strengthens the quality-oriented education, enhances education quality and reinforces the construction of subjects and curriculums. On the other hand, the school tries to create good study environment and offer more social practice opportunities for their students in order to enhance their comprehensive quality of both professional knowledge and healthy mentality. In recent years, our students have made great performances in “Challenge Cup” National Business Plan Competition, National College English Competition, the Model United Nations and many other national competitions.

Since 2005, the SPA-SCU has undertaken 309 scientific research projects of national provincial level with RMB 37.75 million scientific research fund, including 26 national social science fund projects, 40 projects of the Ministry of Education, 65 social science and soft science projects of provincial level and 178 coordinated projects. The school has published 104 academic works and textbooks and 1288 research papers, including 39 prestigious publications and 551 essays collected in CSSCI. The school has been awarded 44 times at provincial level, including one honorary mention of Provincial Social Science Award, 2 first prize of Provincial Social Science Award, 14 second prizes of Provincial Social Science Award and 27 third prizes of Provincial Social Science Award. In the year of 2008, the SPA-SCU won the first prize in the Science Research Management competition of SCU.

The School of Public Administration of Sichuan University has made a great progress in the MPA Program with Arizona State University in the US. Multiple famous experts from America, France and so on have been invited to our school to give lectures or for exchange. The school also developed academic exchange and talks with experts coming from universities in Russia and some other countries in related fields and invited several well-known specialists and scholars as our guest professors. Multiple teachers from our school made their presentations at the international academic seminar on “Human Development under Global Changes” which is jointly hosted by Sichuan University and Michigan State University.

Through the recommendation of school and the selection of the China Scholarship Council, several young teachers of our school have been sent to some famous universities abroad for studying visits, and many postgraduates and undergraduates have successfully applied for studying abroad.

With the increase of our foreign exchange activities, our faculty and students learn more about the foreign information about their professions, and related experts from foreign universities enhance their understanding towards our school. The international academic exchange and cooperation of our school will have further development in the future.

In the year of 2009 and 2010, SCU was approved as the first National Cadre Education Base (including 13 universities) by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Ministry of Education, the Organization Department of Sichuan province and the Education Department of Sichuan Province. The Base is managed by the CPC’s Organization Department and the Ministry of Education, directly leaded by SCU, and affiliated to the SPA-SCU. Upholding the training conception of “having noble virtues and behaviors, seeking truth and being innovative, pursuing for excellence”, the SPA-SCU devotes itself to the construction of the best National Cadre Education Base which is of investigative, open and international type with SCU characteristics.

The school has successively trained a large number of talents for the local government, public institutions and various enterprises through the professional master’s programs, workshops, short-term training courses, self-taught education, Internet teaching, adult education and so on.

During the ten years after its foundation, the SPA-SCU has firmly implemented the philosophy of schooling “humanity centered, science advocated, excellence pursued”. All faculty and students work together and make remarkable achievements in the fields of personnel training, teachers’ team construction, international exchange and cooperation, social service, Party building and ideological and political work, thus making the SPA-SCU influential nationwide.






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