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High-level Scientific Research Cooperation

Having productive research teams and strong research bases, SPA-SCU enjoys a strong reputation for excellence in researches. With a great of publications, grants, and awards, our faculty members are top researchers in local governance, public policy, public budgeting and finance, urban and rural balanced administration, educational administration, social security, organizational theory, human resources management, collaboration, innovation, and emergency management.

Over the past seven years, 25 papers have been published on leading journals and 515 papers have been listed in CSSCI. Furthermore, our faculty members have issued 100 Monographs and textbooks, 39 major reports and 107 research reports. 

At present, in terms of scientific research projects, SCU-SPA is granted from both horizontal projects fund with total amount of over CNY 40 million and vertical projects fund with the sum of over CNY 14 million. Among these projects stands 5 major projects of national science fund, 32 general projects of national science fund, 1 major entrusted project of Ministry of Education of China, 21 projects by Ministry of Education of China, 1 youth project of Ministry of Education of China, and 70 provincial projects of social science and soft science.

Currently, SPA has established several prominent national and provincial scientific research institutes as below:







川大公共管理学院 (scu-ggglxy)